Summer Equine Studies


Winding Hill Stables offers an intensive horse-oriented equine studies program. The guiding philosophy of our program is to provide the student a well-rounded experience that instills in the student true horsemanship.  Our staff focuses on teaching students to relate to horses in a safe, nurturing environment that positively benefits both horse and student. The friendships built with other students around a shared a love of horses will last a lifetime.


A student's daily schedule includes a mounted english horseback riding lesson in a small group setting, as well as other horse related activities. Two daily stable periods permit the student the opportunity to prepare their horse in the morning and reward their equine partner at the days end for all their effort.  Your child will learn about horse psychology, anatomy, and basic first aid care in practical, hands-on sessions.  Every day is balanced with arts & crafts and other recreational activities.  Special days each week, with different scheduling and programming, keeps the program fun and exciting, and creates new ways to experience horses! Visits from professionals in the horse industry as well. 

Schedule Includes:   Pricing:  Full Day:
9:30am to 3:30pm
  1. Stable
  2. Riding Lesson
  3. Arts & Crafts
  4. Horse Science
  5. Horse Play/Recreation
  6. Practical Horsemanship
  7. Lunch


1 Week
2 Weeks


Equine Studies dates for full program
July 6th to July 10th
July 13th to July 17th
Condensed program: Dates will be added depending on demand